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Lie with Me

Lie with Me (2005)

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No lie, there is some amazing, unsimulated sex in Lie with Me (2005). Fashion-model-turned-skintense-thespian Lauren Lee Smith ignites the carnally charged indie-romance with her naturally gorgeous looks and astonishingly erotic screen presence. Lauren plays Leila, a torrid Toronto dweller who beds a succession of partners and embarks on all manner of sexual escapades, including masturbating to porn and engaging in intercourse alongside another copulating couple. What a Toront-hoe! But while she's banging all these dudes, she can't take her eyes off David (Eric Balfour). After a long game of cat an mouse, she offers up the kitty and the two have an absurd amount of sex. So much Canucking! But for Leila, the laying is the easy part. Soon enough David's actually dating her, taking her to meet his elderly dad, and trying to do the normal, non-sex stuff that couples do. That freaks the sex freak out, and soon enough she's unsure of how to handle it. When his daddy dies, she bails due to all that actual human emotion he's dealing with. Will their romance survive beyond doing the no pants dance? Do you really care, or are you just here to see LL Smith bare? Polly Shannon's perky poppers can be seen while she has sex with David in his car, but this one's all about Lauren Lee Smith. Whether she's flicking the bean, showing David her ladybits in a drainage tunnel, or flashing all three B's as she does him on the floor, there's no shortage of nudity from the future CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star. Under me, on me, or however else, Mr. Skin would let Lauren Lee Smith lie with him anywhere, anytime.