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Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Brief Nudity

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Leaving Las Vegas (1995) is a suicide note doused in booze and boobs. In other words, not such a bad way to go. Based on the autobiography of former Rugrats writer turned novelist John O'Brien, Nicolas Cage won the "Best Actor" Oscar for his role as Ben Sanderson, a loser screenwriter who gets fired and decides to travel to Sin City to drink himself to death. But while in Vegas, he meets a hooker named Sera (Elisabeth Shue) who gives him a golden hard-on. Their deal is simple: she doesn't ask him to stop drinking and he doesn't ask her to give up her much maligned chosen profession. But the flick, like O'Brien's real life, doesn't have the happy ending you're probably hoping for. Still, if the Shue fits, fuck it, and Cage does. But it's not just her. Before she was hunting baddies on SVU, Mariska Hargitay was making Nic spew! She plays a hooker poor Elisabeth walks in on as she's in bed with him, in her undies. Screwing up your relationship with Elisabeth when she's willing to let you drink and constantly screw you? This drunk must be a serious lunk! We also see Laurie Metcalf in a bikini by the pool. But since there's no vag like the vag in Vegas, this one's all about Elisabeth. As the sexy Sera, we watch her pour hard liquor all over her boobs, then let Nic's character lick it off! That's the spirit! Then, we watch those boomers bounce when a dude she pays is a bit of an aggressive thruster. That's to say nothing of the bra and panties shots, or her swimming in a one piece. Even when Elisabeth is violated and licking her wounds naked in the shower stall, it's still pretty hot. Yes, Cage dies in the end. But who would want to leave this lust Vegas?