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Lady Stay Dead

Lady Stay Dead (1981)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


A celebrity stalker gets a job working for the object of his obsession in the Australian slasher Lady Stay Dead (1981). Gordon Mason (Chard Hayward) spends most of his time humping a blow-up doll made up to look like his favorite starlet, Marie Coleby (Deborah Coulls). Unfortunately for Marie, she recently hired him to do the gardening on her estate, giving him the perfect opportunity to explore his peeping tom proclivities. After the spoiled Marie berates him one too many times, Gordon violates her then drowns her in her own fish tank. It seems like he may get away with his crime until her suspicious sister, Jenny (Louise Howitt), shows up.Deborah Coulls starts the movie out with a bang by skinny-dipping during the opening credits, then walking upstairs in the buff. The doomed diva also gives her extra-perky plumpers a squeeze in the mirror before putting on a see-through robe.Then Louise Howitt suds up her sweater suckers in the shower while being peeped on by the horny handyman. Those moist mams need a good spray!