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Johnny 100 Pesos

Johnny 100 Pesos (1993)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Action, Drama
  • Directed by: Gustavo Graef-Marino
  • Home Release: 07/05/2000
  • Theatrical Release: 11/10/1995
  • Home Release: 10/14/1997
  • Country: Chile
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The Mexican crime thriller Johnny 100 Pesos (1993) revolves around Johnny, a young student, and his buddies. Together they conceive of a plan to rob the local bank. When the big day comes, the plan goes awry, guns are drawn, and before you know it, Johnny and his boys have taken hostages and are being shown live on the national newscast. This is a gripping and realistic look at crime and its consequences. Patricia Rivera, God bless her, shows off some terrific titulars as she is used as a human shield by the gunmen.