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Keywords: Brief Nudity, Hispanic, Brunette Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Nude Roles: 2

Birthplace: The Bronx, New York, US

Date of Birth: 07/24/69

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Shotgun Wedding (2022) Sexy, sexy, underwear
Booty (2015) Sexy, bikini, sexy, underwear
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Is there anyone on Earth who is outside the realm of that beloved Jennifer Lopez ass? At the very start of this multi-faceted Latina gem's rise to prominence, so much was made of Jennifer's posterior mounds that her many other attributes were often lost in its shadow. What about those boobs for instance? Firm, high riders with nipples that are forever protruding from one slinky top or another, the soft side meat continually on display in revealing award-show wear. And don't discount the mesmerizing Lopez face with its blend of languor and fervent passion. The face's delicious lips are a call to salivation. The slashing cheeks and flashing eyes are bedroom beacons. And by the time you finish marveling at the physical perfection of sexy Jennifer Lopez, she has established herself as the world's most revered dancer/singer/actress, advancing from In Living Color Fly Girl to a self-contained industry with profits and synergy to rival many Fortune 500 companies. All based on that roaring butt. J. Lo, as the lofty Ms. Lopez has come to be universally known, ensures that skin desires are inflamed by squirming into the most revealing scraps of fabric when posing on red carpets and talk-show couches. 

But you are here to see Jennifer Lopez nude, and nudity you shall definitely get. While she’s a tease at heart, Jenny from the block kicked off her acting career with a surprising among of nudity, exposing her big boobs in two different 90s movies. Which movies did Jennifer Lopez go nude in? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out!

How Did Jennifer Lopez Get Her Start?

This Puerto Rico princess came from humble beginnings, being raised in - let us all say it together - the Bronx! Lopez was the sporty type in high school where she participated in a number of school sports. But she also first forayed into entertainment here by dancing in some school plays. Lopez expressed an interest in dance, singing, and acting, but it was dance that first put her on the map. She became a go-to backup dancer and traveled the world touring with big names such as New Kids On The Block. She also danced in touring productions of Broadway plays. And she famously danced as Fly Girl on In Living Color.

This was all well and good, but Lopez had bigger plans. While many people think that she sang before she acted, Lopez actually became a marquee name first in front of the camera, rather than the mic. Her first album, 1999’s On the 6, was released after Lopez had already established herself as a box office draw with movies like Anaconda. Which, brings us to Lopez’s early acting career, which brings us to her first and best nudity to date!

Where Did Jennifer Lopez Go Nude?

A few roles from her backstory feature her pop-up nips in all their glory. Exult in naked Jen’s jugs in Money Train (1995) and U Turn (1997). Jennifer Lopez’s boobs in Money Train come to us thanks to the full-screen version of the movie. The wide-screen version, seen in theaters, was skimpy on the nudity. But the cropped footage was released on home video, giving nudity enthusiasts their first taste of Jennifer Lopez naked. Money Train is a buddy action comedy in which both stars Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes try to date their crush, played by Lopez. Wesley comes out on top. Actually, Lopez does! She rides Snipes during sex, and he also does her in the missionary position. Sorry Woody! For anyone wondering, this is as close to a Jennifer Lopez sex tape as you’re going to get.

Two years later Lopez took a boob-turn in 1997’s U Turn. It’s an Oliver Stone movie, so don’t be surprised that Lopez’s topless scene is a little gruesome. Okay, it’s a lot gruesome. While driving next to Sean Penn she has a flashback to attacking a guy during sex. Worth it.

The Bennifer Years

For as big as Jennifer Lopez was by the turn of the Millennium, her chance meeting with Ben Affleck on the set of their movie Gigli turned Jennifer into one of the decade’s biggest stars. Their first time together only lasted a couple of years, but it was enough to catapult Lopez to superstardom. During this time she had a string of massive radio hits in addition to appearing in movies like Maid in Manhattan and Jersey Girl.

During The Bennifer Years, Jennifer Lopez saved all of her goodies for Ben, but we still got some awesome cleavage shots and even some pokie action to keep us satiated. Fresh off of her pretty damn hot role in Angel Eyes, where a blonde Lopez filled the heck out of a black bra and panties, she delivered some incredible pokie action in the aforementioned Gigli as well as Shall We Dance? Ben Affleck really brings out the breast in Jennifer, doesn’t he?

Jennifer Is Back On Top With Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez is one of those stars who always seems to be churning out something that the people are eating up, so she never went away, per se. However, she was bigger and ever with her big movie Hustlers. The draw here was that Lopez dared to perform strip teases while wearing next to nothing… at the age of fifty! She couldn’t stay out of headlines in 2019, with seemingly everyone across the globe praising her for her age-defying good looks and strippertastic moves.

In Conclusion

Jen has made a career out of frustrating and teasing us with her tail and curves, leaving us with nothing but bra and panty action in the films Out of Sight (1998), Angel Eyes (2001), Monster-in-Law (2005), and Parker (2013). But thankfully we’re ass half full guys here at Mr. Skin, so we’re taking the time to appreciate her rare nude scenes in Money Train and U Turn. Throughout her tabloid-friendly life, J-Lo managed to rise above it all and even earned Oscar buzz for Hustlers (2019), thanks in no small part to her thongtastic opening scene where she works the pole and shows us why she became famous for that ass of hers in the first place. Long live Jenny from the block! 


The Mother (2023) - as Mother

Shotgun Wedding (2022) - as Darcy Rivera

Hustlers (2019) - as Ramona Vega

El Anillo (2018) - as Herself

Second Act (2018) - as Maya

Booty (2015) - as herself

The Boy Next Door (2015) - as Claire Peterson

Parker (2013) - as Leslie

The Back-up Plan (2010) - as Zoe

Nude, thong, body double, breasts 01:11:14 BODY DOUBLE: Quick flash of thongage and right ta-ta from a stunt tit in front of the mirror. (1 sec)

El cantante (2006) - as Puchi

Monster-in-Law (2005) - as Charlie Cantillini

Shall We Dance? (2004) - as Paulina

Getting Naked (2003) - as Herself

Gigli (2003) - as Ricki

Angel Eyes (2001) - as Sharon Pogue

I'm Real (2001) - as Herself

The Cell (2000) - as Catherine Deane

Love Don't Cost a Thing (2000) - as Herself

Out of Sight (1998) - as Karen Sisco

Anaconda (1997) - as Terri Flores

U Turn (1997) - as Grace McKenna

Nude, breasts 01:47:00 Quick shot of J Lo's left jug during sex. (20 secs)

Blood & Wine (1996) - as Gabriela

Money Train (1995) - as Grace Santiago

Nude, breasts 00:54:35 Some nice, but ultra-quick, shots of J-Lo's nipple while she rides Wesley's Money Train. All aboard! (1 min 15 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:54:35 Jennifer Lopez is topless during a hot scene! This full screen version of the clip features even more nudity than the wide screen version! (28 secs)

TV Shows

MTV Movie Awards (2001-2016) - as Herself

E! True Hollywood Story (1996-2006) - as Herself

MTV Video Music Awards (1984-2023) - as Herself

Saturday Night Live (1975-) - as Herself - Host

The Grammy Awards (1959-) - as Self

The Oscars (1953-) - as Jennifer Lopez

Golden Globe Awards (1944-) - as Self

The American Music Awards (2011-2017) - as Herself

The Bambi Awards - as Herself

Hotel Malibu - as Melinda Lopez

In Living Color - as Fly Girl

Late Show with David Letterman (2009-2015) - as Herself

Second Chances - as Melinda Lopez

Shades of Blue (2016-2018) - as Harlee Santos

South Central - as Lucille

Super Bowl (1967-2020) - as Herself

Watch What Happens: Live (2015) - as Herself

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