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Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue (2016-2018)

No Nudity


It's a rarity to see J. Lo off the stage or the big screen these days, and it's even rarer to see her playing a character that's rough around the edges and covered in more dirt than glitter. That's who she plays in Shades of Blue, though, an NBC police drama that debuted in January 2016. Her character is Harlee Santos, a single mom working for the NYPD. Her boss (played by Ray Liotta) is a morally ambiguous but good-hearted man who believes in doing questionable things for the greater good when appropriate. When she's caught by the FBI, she's forced to become an informant and put her entire team at risk to save her daughter.  The motto of this story is, "Good people do questionable things," but there's nothing questionable about J. Lo's penchant for peeling off her shirt. She boxes with a dude like the badass that she is, ultimately knocking him to the ground, straddling him, and taking off her top to show off her bra while the two make out. Why is boxing never like that when we go?