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Hustlers (2019)

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Hustlers (2019) is a sexy crime comedy based on a real magazine article about strippers hustling their wealthy, Wall Street clients out of money by drugging and blackmailing them. Destiny (Constance Wu) is a struggling stripper trying to support her grandma, until she runs into Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) who has mastered the game. Everything's going great until the financial crash of 2008 does major damage to their finance bro clientele, and the money well dries up. Plus, all these new Russian strippers show up, and they're willing to let you goo for a few extra bucks, rather than get sent back home to the Eastern European gulag. Desperate, they come up with a new plan. They're going to get dudes drunk, drug them, and charge all sorts of stuff on their credit cards. When they see the charges, they'll either think they just don't remember spending all that money or be too scared to go to the cops and risk their wives and girlfriends finding out about their tail chasing escapades. Genius! Unfortunately, some of the strippers they recruit to take part in the scam are willing to talk to get out of other, mostly drug related crimes they've committed on the side, some fellas don't react well to the pills the pole dancers give them, and not every dude is scared to go to the cops. Crime doesn't pay, but unless you're gay, you have to admit you'd have fallen for this fakeout after seeing the elite ass the Hustlers crew was luring these losers with. Jennifer doesn't take off her clothes, but she wears next-to-nothing lingerie to twirl around a pole. Decades since we first unzipped our fly to the fly girl, and that ass still can't be beat! BUT there are other great asses to drool over in this movie. Watch trans hottie Trace Lysette show her peach when talking to a client with her back turned to the camera. Plus size popstar Lizzo shows her ass when she bends over at the pole, but she also shows her breasts in a mesh top with tape over her nipples. You'll be playing your skin flute to that flutist, and feeling good as Hell! Former real life stripper turned actor Cardi B also puts stars over her nipples as she dances in a montage intercut with Constance Wu giving a lap dance in lingerie. Mette Towley wears a sparkly bikini both in the dressing room and on stage as do Keke Palmer and Lili Reinhart. Even Kim Kardashian appears in this star-studded flick! The only breasts we actually get to see attributed to an actress belong to Jacqueline Frances who was the stripper coach on the movie. Larry Flynt might not be involved, but Hustlers is just as hot as any skin mag he put out!