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Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding (2022)

No Nudity


Lawyer Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and newly unemployed minor league baseball player Tom (Josh Duhamel) have gathered their crazy families (including Jennifer Coolidge as Tom’s kooky mom and Cheech Marin as Darcy’s wealthy, younger woman-dating dad), their friends, and even Darcy’s pec-flaunting ex (Lenny Kravitz), to their destination wedding in The Philippines. But on the big day, the real drama ends up being from pirates who take all the resort’s guests hostage while the not-so-happy couple is off bickering, leaving the two combative lovebirds as the only ones left to try and save the day. Jenny From The Block brandishes that infamous ass in some skimpy white panties as she tries to seduce her Groomzilla, and her fluffy wedding dress (or what ends up left of it) is brimming with cleavage as she readies to kick some pirate booty. The ceremony may be a bust, but at least there’s still some cake!