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U Turn

U Turn (1997)

Brief Nudity

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We guarantee Oliver Stone’s neo-noir thriller U Turn (1997) will turn you on! Based on the book “Stray Dogs” by John Ridley, the R rated crime flick includes appearances by Liv Tyler, Julie Hagerty, and Laurie Metcalf. Also featured are co-starring roles for Oscar winners Joaquin Phoenix and Jon Voight. The latter actor scored a Golden Raspberry nomination for his turn in U Turn. Yes, the film was panned by critics. But the motion picture flashed enough flesh for Mr. Skin to give it two thumbs — and another part of the anatomy — all the way up! The film follows Bobby Cooper (Sean Penn), a gambling drifter. When his Mustang breaks down in a depressed Southwestern town, the local mechanic (Billy Bob Thornton) doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to fix the car. Perhaps he’s distracted by the attractive women around. For example, a determined young flirt named Jenny (Claire Danes) looks so hot, she nearly steams up the screen. Never one to be upstaged, sexy superstar Jennifer Lopez is muy caliente as Grace McKenna. The proverbial femme fatal thinks Bobby is just the man to murder her husband Jake McKenna (Nick Nolte) right under the nose of Sheriff Virgil Potter (Powers Boothe). Too bad Jake is also thinking that Bobby should kill Grace. This may sound confusing yet it’s totally logical since seeing Ms. Lopez in a low-cut dress proves she’s drop dead gorgeous. Mucho twists and turns ensue, but J-Lo’s bare breast appears to straighten Mr. Penn’s penis!