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Jackson County Jail

Jackson County Jail (1976)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


When Los Angeles-based advertising exec Dinah (Yvette Mimieux) discovers her lover has been unfaithful, the jilted gal leaves behind her promising career, jumps in her car, and heads to NYC for a fresh start. Along the way, Dinah’s big city dreams get dashed when she picks up some hostile hitchhikers in a hick town and ends up being beaten, burgled, abandoned, and eventually thrown in Jackson County Jail (1976). The pretty prisoner must team up with fellow inmate, and all-around weirdo, Coley Blake (Tommy Lee Jones) to regain her freedom and flee the terrible town. The flick is a little heavy, but don’t fret---Yvette shows her jailbird jigglers. Not to be outdone, Marciee Drake bares her big ol’ bouncing boobies as she hops out of the pool topless! With all this skin, I’m sure there’s a lot of jackin’ going on in Jackson County!