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Illusion (2013)

Great Nudity!

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Illusion is a borderline surrealist look at 8 people who meet in a bar and their interconnectivity as a night slowly unfolds.  Reality and illusion begin to blur as they focus on their fears, longings, lusts, and future hopes while peeking behind the facade of their everyday lives.  Can they delve deep enough into their own psyches to escape the monotony of everyday life with each other?  This low budget indie flick out of Germany takes you in and out of reality like a sexy fever dream that shows its fair share of nudity on the female side, like any good fever dream should!  We have topless biker babes, a trio of pants-less schoolgirls dancing to polka music for an old guy, a woman playing another naked woman like a cello, various bizarre sex scenes, the list goes on!  Marina Anna Eich shows all 3 of her B's, and so does Antje Mönning, but the real nude breakout of this sexcapade from the bowels of your psyche comes from Carolina Hoffmann, who comes in with a whopping 9 nude scenes for your viewing pleasure!  Leave it up to the Germans to make a sexy movie that looks like a surrealist painting come to life...  Without pants of course!