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I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Dating is becoming a more and more complicated quagmire in which we all must wade into with little chance of fully grasping what it is that we're in for. The dating scene in the 21st century is also ripe for exploration on the boob tube, as it is in the series I May Destroy You, which debuted on the BBC in the UK and on HBO in the States during the summer of 2020. The series comes to us from Michaela Coel, the creator of the series Chewing Gum, and it details the pitfalls of modern dating in a world where social media can aid in a person's destruction by malevolent and scorned ex-lovers. The show also wades into the waters of consent and how dangerous it can be to assume anything in the current day and age concerning a person's intentions or desires and how they meet with the reality of a given situation. As Coel's character Arabella deals with the aftermath of a terrible assault, she finds how difficult it can be to carry on as if nothing happened, as well as weighing the costs of even attempting to do just that. It's a lot to ponder and there's plenty of fodder for serious discussion afterward, which is always the mark of a great series. You can also ponder the show's third episode which finds series co-star Weruche Opia having a devil's threeway with two guys and briefly baring her buns! You'll be saying, "I May Destroy You" directly to your jockey shorts!