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Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes (2021)

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Behind Her Eyes (2021) is a dramatic mystery series about a single mom named Louise who does her best to raise her son alone. She has a part-time job in a psychiatrist's office and that is where she starts an affair with her boss. While she starts sleeping sneakily with the boss as his side girl, she actually winds up befriending his wife. This complicated relationship brings all three people together and all three people end up sharing and hiding secrets with one another. You will have to keep watching this series created by Steve Lightfoot to find out more. Eve Hewson is hot in this series as Adele the wife who gets naked and sexy in bed. She has three different scenes that obscure some of her nudity when she is in bed with her husband or getting dressed, but we do get to see the tiniest snippet of side boob as she lifts her shirt above her head. She isn't the only sexy one in the movie either! The super sultry Simona Brown plays Louise, the single mom and leading lady at the center of all of the drama, and we get to check out her backside and beautiful booty when she grinds on her lover's lap. She faces him, sitting on his dong, as she bounces up and down. The camera switches between showing off her smooth, hourglass backside to giving us an aerial shot of her pleased face. We're grateful that Behind Her Eyes let us get Behind Her Clothes.