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Ruthless (2020) is a spinoff of Tyler Perry's political drama about life in the White House, The Oval. Early on in that show, a storyline was introduced where Ruth Truesdale, played by Melissa L. Williams, tries to kidnap her daughter to join a religious cult called The Rakadushi. That plot line served as a backdoor pilot for Ruthless, where after souring on the whole thing thanks to a less than fun initiation ritual, Ruth has to work her way up the ranks of the cult to find a way for her and her daughter to escape. Perry's hit show The Oval is on BET, but Ruthless is on the streaming service BET+. So while The Oval isn't exactly toothless in terms of sexuality, Ruthless is much freer to show more graphic sex scenes and even full frontal nudity. Early on in the show, which has already filmed two seasons and is working on a third, Ruth tries to be nice and fit in so that she can safely get her daughter away from the sex-crazed cult leader and their locked down compound. While she's trying to wrestle herself and her daughter free, Melissa talked to Yvonne Senate Jones while they were both in their bras. They wear the same kind of black bras that show off cleavage on both of them as they lay on their sides and whisper about the goings-on in the cult. We're pretty ruthless about wanting to see their racks, but we can wait until a future episode! Since it's a show about a sex cult, there's plenty of sex. Playing Brian's wife Lynn, Nirine S. Brown shows she has some absolute bombs, that we see barely getting held back by a black bra. But plenty of actresses showed us the real deal. Stephanie Charles flashed while letting a man between her legs, while Ashleigh Morghan showed off her boobs while getting examined by Ruth. We even see her ass in a thong as she bones a cop, to let the cult gain access to some files. No wonder this show is a cult classic! Alise Willis went topless in one scene, as well, but Melissa L. Williams had the most exciting work on the show. On top of, well, constantly being on top of the cult's number one guy, nicknamed The Highest, including showing her ass while working the cowgirl position as another member looks on, the show's most controversial scene came where Michelle Natalie Nunez is stripped down and whipped by Melissa, as she sits on a man's crotch and goes to work. A majority black show featuring a woman getting whipped caused all sorts of controversies, but not enough to derail the show. After seeing all those gorgeous women getting railed, we bet you'll want to watch this BET+ hit!