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Bridgerton (2020-)

Great Nudity!


Bridgerton (2020) is a romantic series on Netflix that takes us into the wealthy Regency Era in Britain where one wealthy family exerts power and influence in the social season which is where people throw parties and galas in order to introduce young ladies of upper-class backgrounds to wealthy young men who wish to woo and marry them. This might feel like an ordinary Jane Austen-esque story, but Shonda Rhymes' production company is behind this series which means it boasts a diverse cast which sets it aside from previous romances like this. In this particular story, there is also a little more salacious things to watch. These ladies untie their corsets and let us see what is underneath. At least one woman does. Phoebe Dynevor plays Daphne Bridgerton who bares her breasts when the corset comes off. In a delicious sex scene, she is naked and we can see some sideboob as well as her long legs and lean torso as she sits in the bed with covers and her own body delicately covering up her naughtiest bits. We also see her right nipslip come out to say hi above her low-cut dress. Her full boob comes out soon enough as well! Bridgerton's boobs came as a surprise to us! Sabrina Bartlett plays Sienna Rosso who shows a little bit of sideboob when she lays down on a man on a chaise lounge as we check out her bare backside. These high society women know how to let loose and loosen up their skivvies!