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Fear (2023)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Horror
  • Directed by: Deon Taylor
  • Rated: R
  • Theatrical Release: 01/27/2023
  • Country: USA
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Filmed in 2020, this is one of the first films to incorporate a Covid-esque contagion into the plot though it did so in the early stages before we knew more about the virus and how the situation would actually pan out. It centers on a successful writer named Rom Jennings (Joseph Sikora) who decides to take advantage of the lifting of social distancing restrictions and organizes a belated birthday party for his girlfriend Bianca (Annie Ilonzeh) and a few friends in a remote cabin. Rom is also trying to get inspiration for his next novel while hoping to find the perfect time to propose to Bianca during this celebratory getaway. The landlady of the cabin greets them with some creepy words and a bottle of wine, which the crew drinks while sitting around a campfire and divulging their biggest fears. They realize too late that the wine has appeared to have gone bad and is causing them to hallucinate. Or are they? Plus they find out that a new strain of the virus has contaminated the air. OR HAS IT? Maybe it’s the ghosts of the witches that burned their centuries earlier playing ghoulish tricks on them? Who knows? All we know is that when things start to get spooky, that’s when Annie’s nips come out, poking through her top like they’re trying to escape the group’s tragic fate. Also turning up the sexy is Jessica Allain in some skimpy silky pjs. There’s nothing to fear when Jessica’s rear is near!