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Gomez & Tavarès

Gomez & Tavarès (2003)

Brief Nudity


In the tradition of films like Lethal Weapon (1987) and Rush Hour (1998), the French cop buddy flick Gomez & Tavarés (2003) co-stars francophone funny man Titoff and Stomy Bugsy as bad boy police officers Maxime and Carlos. When the caustic cops are paired together on a huge case, they amusingly try to contain their clashing personalities to cash in on a huge payday. With the large reward hanging over their heads, and their lives on the line, the law enforcing duo eventually put their heads together to solve the murder of a drug cartel accountant while protecting his daughter from the murderous mafia. While shots are fired and punches are thrown, Élodie Navarre and Nikita Samaha heat up the action by briefly baring their cute croissants. The French femmes will have you playing with your franco-bone!