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Foxfire (1996)

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Foxfire (1996) is another low-budget film about a bunch of schoolgirls who go bad. But this one's not a drive-in classic or even a B movie. While the setting was flipped from the fifties to modern day, Foxfire is based on a novel by famed author Joyce Carol Oates and addresses all sorts of feminist issues. There’s a pretty impressive roster of bad girls, too, with Angelina Jolie making her first big splash as "Legs" Sadovsky, a teenage drifter who helps a group of girls form a gang that does everything from dealing with a sexually harassing male teacher to stealing a car from a group of boys who haven't been taking no for an answer. Coming out just a year after Hackers (1995), Angie's the star, but the whole girl gang is full of foxy chicks. Jolie has said she had an enormous lesbian crush on Jenny Shimizu while filming the flick, which makes a whole lotta sense after you see the sensual scene where they tattoo each other topless. It's shocking Legs doesn't end up between those thighs! Make no mistake, Jolie and her jugs are the star of the film, but you'll wonder why Hedy Burress wasn't bigger, once she unveils her titanics during the same tattoo scene. They don’t all get nude, but you’ll notice that the girls care less about rebelling against authority than they do about rebelling against bras. The scenes where they flash tits while getting tats is worth tracking down this flick alone, but if you've got a thing for girl gangs this one's can't miss!