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Exit (2019-2021)

Brief Nudity

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Debuting in 2019, Exit is a massive hit Norwegian drama about the secretive and luxurious world of Oslo's financial sector. Based on true stories, the creators interviewed four finance bros that became millionaires by the age of thirty to find out what really happens when you're young, competitive and suddenly wealthy. The results were so wild, they made a television show out of their stories. The show follows four millionaires: Jeppe (Jon Oigarden), Adam (Simon Berger), Henrik (Tobias Santelmann) and William (Pal Sverre Hagen) as they all rent out a secret party house to cheat on their wives, do copious amounts of drugs, hire high priced escorts, and talk through the newest financial fraud techniques. The bad boys of banking are absolutely awful people, and soon enough there are secret vasectomies, strippers getting sliced with knives, poor people fighting for their pleasure, and all sorts of other gross behavior that shocked the Norwegian audience. But the worst thing of all, is that these disgusting dudes get some of the hottest women ever. Daria Zlokazova shows up in her bikini which we certainly hope she exits out of next time. Julie Chantal Levin-Erichsen shows her boobs and buns when she gets off of a man she was just riding to make way for a man to do the job. Ellen Helinder shows her buxom breasts and her cheeky thong when she exits out of her clothes, including one Hell of a Helinder riding scene. When one of them wants a new flavor of funbag to play with, he does the African hotties Alice Abia and Sonja Wanda from behind. Thale Myhre's tatas appear briefly, and we get to see the lean blonde Kaja Vik getting some good dick on a pool table. Get an MBA if you want access to all the best tits, like the Norwegian dudes in Exit!