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Thale Myhre will never make you feel ire because this beautiful actress and model does everything right. Do you want to watch her smile? Do you want to see her look beautiful for the camera? Do you want to see her go nude and show off her topless ta-ta's? You're in luck for all of those things because this lovely lady made both her nude debut and her acting debut in a feature film in the 2021 movie Exit. She made a great first impression before her Exit! She plays Simon's prostitute in the movie Exit, but she is so much more than just a nameless sex worker. Everyone else in the movie pales in comparison to Thale who is absolutely gorgeous as she lays back in bed post-coitus with the covers not quite covering Thale's body up all the way. The blankets stop roughly around her waist, so that means that we get to check out her bare chest as she lays in bed and tries to sleep. Her upper body is slightly propped up on a pillow, too, so gravity is working wonders with her perky pair. Her head is to one side and her tiny pink nipples and juicy jugs are out as her lover decides that he can't sleep. He starts bugging her to talk and Thale, ever the polite and charming lover, smiles as him and partakes in a bit of conversation. Whether she is sleeping or wide awake, Thale looks amazing with her mams out!