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Embryo (2020)

Great Nudity!

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Embryo (2020) is a horror film about a couple named Kevin and Evelyn who is camping in the woods. Once they are in the woods on their little loving trip, the campers wind up getting abducted by aliens. Aliens wind up impregnating the woman and the alien-human hybrid baby starts growing inside of her which causes her to feel some pregnancy cravings. The problem is that the cravings are cravings for human meat and blood. That's right! This alien is turning the human mother-to-be into a cannibal! Is the baby a parasite or is the baby trying to turn its mother into something like itself? You will have to watch this horrific science fiction flick to find out for sure, but there are also some reasons to watch the movie when it comes to skin. Evelyn Belmar plays Carla, a different character even though her name is also Evelyn in real life, and she goes nude in two different scenes. Evelyn is topless and wears some pink panties as she walks into the woods while she holds a torch up in the air. Watch her smooth back go and check out that little waist, accentuating her hot hourglass figure. In another scene, she lays down in bed topless as well while wearing those same panties. There is blood on her bosom, but not so much that we can't fully check out her pink nipples and small, round breasts while she writhes on her back in bed. You might want to get her pregnant!