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Dirty Pool

Dirty Pool (1970)

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Dirty Pool (1970) is a nugget of notorious sexploitation from the dawning Golden Age of smut. It stars Uschi Digard, who is breast known as one of Russ Meyer's big-topped attractions, as the nymphomaniac wife of a tormented husband. Why such a scenario would drive a man nuts is beyond Mr. Skin. The idea of having a honey like Uschi, who procures equally hot properties such as Joyce Adams for potential threesomes, sounds like heaven for he-men! But not everyone is equipped to handle blonde big titters like Joyce or the insatiable funbags of Uschi. Apparently, the woman known only as Sun Goddess (Uschi Digard) gets super horny due to all her time sunbathing. Who knew sun increased both vitamin D and desire for big D? When a doctor prescribes that her husband (Marland Proctor), who just can't keep up with her in terms of getting down, bring in another couple to share the responsibilities, the two luck out thanks to a very randy couple, led by one Joyce Adams, who just so happen to be driving by their mansion looking for somewhere they can have sex. Problem solved via softcore porn logic. There's a lot of dirty deeds being done by the pool the LA couple own just outside of their mansion, though the pool boy doesn't get in on the action. Instead, it's Joyce Adams showing all three B's as she supposedly does the deed for real with a very lucky man. There's even a bonkers shot of Joyce sucking on a dude's toes. That's too dirty for even us! Other than her, we got super hard to Miss Digard as she and Miss Joyce embarked on their own all girl adventure, with both going fully naked as they squeezed and pleased each other. You mean to tell me her husband had too much of that Uschi coochie? What a fool that dude is in Dirty Pool!