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Das Eine Glück und das andere (1980)

Brief Nudity

Das Eine Gluck und das andere (1979), or One Lucky and the Other, is a film about a family living in Berlin in 1951 who is left a large fortune by a recently deceased uncle. The only problem is that they have to travel to the Communist controlled Eastern part of the city to claim the prize, which puts their lives in danger as the money is tainted by the blood of many innocent people killed in amassing the fortune.  Thankfully it's not all doom and gloom as Suzanne von Borsody is on hand to add a little skin and sin to the affairs at hand. Suzanne strips down to hop into bed with a guy, baring her bush and boobs in the process, then allowing the guy to kiss all over her chest. We also get a nice look at her full frontal frame once more as she showers off, also giving us a little side butt as she does so. Suzanne von Borsody ensures that your luck will never run out! 


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