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Every Man for Himself

Every Man for Himself (1980)

Great Nudity!

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Every Man for Himself (1980) marks the return to mainstream movies for French New Wave auteur Jean-Luc Godard. Cited by Sight & Sound as one of the greatest films ever made, the well-received pic centers around the sexual relationships of three protagonists. Also known as Sauve qui peut (la vie), the French flick follows Paul Godard (Jacques Dutronc) and his girlfriend Denise Rimbaud (Nathalie Baye) who quits her cloistered editing job to go off and breathe in fresh air near the Swiss Alps. Mr. Skin loves taking in the fresh images of the sexy brunette when she lounges in white panties! Perhaps that’s why Nathalie won a César Award for her performance. The movie also includes views of Anna Baldaccini’s bare boobs! Not to be outdone, Catherine Freiburghaus flashes her ass in front of some grazing cows to give us a look at her full moooon! As prostitute Isabelle Rivière, Isabelle Huppert shows off her moneymaker at the 55-minute mark. Yes, the blonde stunner exposes her priceless breasts and bush for a paying client. Of course, Nicole Wicht scores the MVP award when she bares all three of her Bs during an exceptionally long scene where she fools around with some dingus businessman. No wonder why the film is called Every Man for Himself. The skinternational pic is a joint production of France, Austria, West Germany and Switzerland which explains the universal appeal of its comely cast. Even when these mademoiselles are speaking with foreign tongues, their bare bodies need no translations!