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Cold Blooded Killers

Cold Blooded Killers (2021)

Brief Nudity


Now this is an apt title for a movie that is quite literally start to finish, chocked full of Cold Blooded Killers (2021)!  Our anti-hero in this one is Rose (Felissa Rose), who is an assassin and probably one of the best in the world.  She moves from one target to another with merciless and busty efficiency.  After a successful hit job, Rose finds out that her sister Misty (Nicole Cinaglia), has been killed at the strip joint where she works.  When Rose shows up to investigate, she has to team up with the hardened titty bar owner, Becky (Horror movie veteran, Caroline Williams), to doll out her particular brand of justice to those who took out her sister.  The only problem for this pair of machine gun toting mamas is that the hit is out on Rose for a whopping $12 million dollars by some of the most hardened hitmen and hit-WOMEN in the world.  So as this duo goes on the hunt, they also become the hunted on their way to a face off with drug/gun runner Hank (Dave Sheridan).  One of the bad gals out for that payday is Marilyn (Tracy Lear), who wears as little as possible on her way to hunt down her targets and we get to see some solid side boobage from fitness model Tracy Lear!  We also get some solid skin from Nicole Cinaglia in her intro strip club scene.  It's a horror movie hottie filled action flick with guns, strippers, and a whole slew of shootouts to scratch your action movie itches!