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Chupacabra Territory (2016)

Brief Nudity

(0:27) Julianne Tura & Megan Hensley come along in little tiny shorts. The guy holding the camera focuses on their legs.(0:30) Julianne Tura plays a prank on a park ranger by pretending to be dead. She has her shirt open lying on the ground exposing her breasts.(0:42) TIFF is spied on in the tent changing. Her bare back with some slime on her shoulder. Then Julianne Tura is seen flashing her breasts a couple times to the camera.(0:44) Camera focuses on Megan Hensley in tight pants crawling into her tent before being sucked in and killed.(1:15) Sarah Nicklin has stripped off her shirt to have sex with a guy in a tent. Her hair blocks her chest at first but then we may see her left breast from the side,but in a POV shot as the guy on top of her then it looks like she may be wearing some covering.(1:19) Quick POV shot of the guy screwing Sarah Nicklin from behind. Just see her bare back on her hands and knees.


Julianne Tura

Nude - as TiffSexy, breasts

Sarah Nicklin

Sexy - as AmberSexy

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