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Candy Land

Candy Land (2022)

Great Nudity!

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Living together in a seedy motel room off of historic Route 66, a makeshift family made of sex workers, aka “lot lizards”, listen on a CB radio for horny johns driving big rigs to say they’re headed to Candy Land, and then privately arrange for a truck stop tryst. It’s a dangerous job that only seems to get more deadly when Remy (Olivia Luccardi), a devout virgin and former religious cult member, shows up wanting to be taken under their wing. Sam Quartin, Eden Brolin, and Virginia Brand play the sexy veterans who show Remy the tricks of the trade. We see a topless Sam riding a guy in a truck cabin and then get phenomenal full frontal as she showers and dresses. Eden gives a little boy a surprise treat when she flashes her bare breasts at him outside the motel, and Virginia gives Sharon Stone a run for her money with an incredible crotch shot while smoking on a bench outdoors. There’s a male prostitute too named Levi, played by Owen Campbell, and he and Remy start to have sex right before she stabs in the neck with a pencil. Oh, did we forget to mention Remy’s actually a murderous psycho hell bent on ridding the world of evil? Olivia strips down to her bra and panties as the dastardly deceptive Remy, but finally gives at glimpse at her gumdrop mountains as she showers off the blood of a kill. Careful - all this eye candy may cause your pants to get sticky!