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Cadaverella (2007)

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Cinder's mean step-stripper momma (Jennifer Friend) has just had the poor sweet-tart snuffed, and Cadaverella (2007) begins with the dirt piling high on her grave. It's a fairly funny kickoff for a film crafted from a fairy tale, but all the better, because this peach is about the grown-up kind of pumpkins. Low-budget and lowbrow, Cadaverella is the film debut of flame-maned Megan Goddard, whose story we trace from Orphan Annie to corpse. Just like Cinderella, Megan lost her dad as a child and gained a wild, wicked step-brood who treats her like doody. It's three days from her twenty-first birthday, and Megan's toiling away all the humdrum day in a library with a nerdlinger also played by Jenny. She's got a lover in a wheelchair and a future so dark it's like God pulled down the shades. After stealing a voodoo doll from her chair-bound chap, Megan ends up in doodoo up to her hoohoo--she gets a visit from a god of bad juju who gives her the power to make her wishes come true . . . but, oh, crap! She ends up dead! And when the high priest of hoodoo brings her back, Megan's dead set on revenge. Confused? Just think about Megan's snoobs. Why, she grins and bares 'em just for you!