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Brothel (2008)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


After a personal tragedy that sees her husband die, Julianne (Serena Scott Thomas) attempts to flee her demons by buying a fixer-upper of a cathouse in Brothel (2008). Julianne is sick of her life as a wedding planner, so she buys the Arizona based, 1800's mining era brothel with plans to turn it from a place selling all three B's to a B and B. That was her and her husband's dream, after all, so she thinks this will give her closure. The problem is, it's haunted by all sorts of ex-hookers who still can't keep their legs closed. Rather than be scared, Julianne starts chatting up these ghosts and even taking on some of their personas. And since they're dead like her hubby, maybe they can give her some insight as to what happened to him. The brothel never gets back to business, but that doesn't mean we don't get plenty of good nudity. No tricks are turned, but we were super turned on watching Serena Scott Thomas show all three B's while skinnydipping in her pool, and while getting lezzy with Sarah Lassez. Sarah also shows her pair and derriere during the doing it, and she is absurdly sexy! We'd dine her, wine her, and do all sorts of things for a night with a fine girl like her! Meanwhile, when she was a alive, for a bit of silver she'd bang a miner? But the hottest hoe at the brothel is Andrea Morris. This fair haired, fair skinned ginger is unfairly sexy! Plus, she takes her top off and lets one of the other girls play with her pink nips! The film may play around with whether the ghosts are in Julianne's head or real, but either way, we felt real good watching them! Mr. Skin wouldn't have time for renovation with all the masturbation he'd be doing if it was him restoring that Brothel!