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Bloodline (2019)

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Bloodline (2018) stars Seann William Scott who is a family man despite his violent side. He will resort to violence and crime and whatever it takes to protect his wife and son. According to some descriptions, this movie takes a page out from the 70s flicks from Brian De Palma and Dario Argento. It follows a man named Evan, who works as a high school guidance counselor and becomes a brutal vigilante serial killer who targets all those who abuse the people who confide in him, particularly in the abusers are the parents. It's rated R for strong bloody violence and disturbing images, and also for graphic nudity! You can see the likes of the effortlessly hot Christie Herring slowly takes everything off in the locker room to strip down to her bare butt. She then takes a shower and there's an amazing shot of the water falling down on her hair and peach before she turns around and shows her bush and breasts. You get an encore of this again at the 49-minute mark, when there's some fantastic full nudity as Christie comes out of the shower only to be slaughtered. Mariela Garriga also shows bush - and prosthetic vagina - when she's giving birth. If you look close you can also see her real snatch after the baby comes out Now that's a closeup you don't see every day! Bloodline may be slightly predictable in its script, but it's very well-made and features just enough disturbing violence and graphic nudity to channel the work of Argento and De Palma.