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Bliss (2002-2004)

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Everyone knows about Skinemax, but were you aware that Canada produced blisteringly hot late night sex stuff like the anthology show Bliss? If you caught this one, that debuted in 2002 and lasted three seasons, on the Oxygen network, you missed out on all the good stuff our friends North of the border saw on Showcase. It's an anthology, so there's not much connecting the episodes, but the thing that makes this sex filled show unique is that it's both female made and female centric. So, episodes revolve around ways the fairer sex like to have their sexual needs filled, like a woman (Mikela J. Mikael) who bones a married man, only to be haunted by his wife's spirit, which just makes her want to rail the Mrs. too! There's a reverse harem where a female roommate (Jennifer Podemski) decides to start a relationship with her male roommates. And, in case you thought your wife was safe, there's even a lonely housewife (Shannon Lawson) who starts sexing the blind dude her husband hires to tune the piano. Damn, who knew the XYs were so freaky sex-wise? It might not be made for males, but there's plenty of stuff for the fellas to enjoy! Some of the sexual highlights include Raven Dauda diddling her lady spot while listening to her boyfriend's erotic radio show. Don't worry, eventually they take things from the airwaves to the bedroom! Michelle Duquet strips down to do the deed in a bath tub with her ranch hand, in a scene that'll have your hand covered in some stuff that looks like ranch dressing! Thea Gill opts to jill with her rack out to a black and white photo of a sexy actor, only to discover he's gay, and Shannon Lawson strips down and leads the blindo to touch her hooters. It's a shame he can't see, since those mams are magnificent! If you're into bigger busts to bust a load onto, Gina Wilkinson's giant jugs juggle out of a corset while she dances for a dude after opting to try swinging. If female Canucks like to ride and suck the way they do on this show, we're headed North! With all those ladies and more, Bliss is can't miss!      


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