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Cold Squad

Cold Squad (1998-2003)

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Being first to the plotline punch doesn't mean a whole lot in the world of entertainment. Case in point Cold Squad, which kicked off a full five years before Cold Case, but didn't end up as successful as the CBS mainstay. The similarities between the two were so prominent that lawyers were hired, jokes were made, and when Cold Squad started airing reruns in the USA fans screamed ripoff, until they were informed the Canadian show came out first! A seven season lasting show that kicked off in 1998, Julie Stewart played Sergeant Ali McCormick, a feisty blonde doing battle with her male coworkers at the Vancouver Police Department as they tried to solve old, unsolved crimes most people stopped caring about a long time ago. While the Cold Case comparisons are obvious, others pointed out how the show was sort of like Law & Order in that the cast was always changing. We wish we got to see the cast members change more, as in change in and out of their clothes, since this one was always full of sexy women. In Mr. Skin's opinion, the best scene in all 98 episodes was when Tamara Craig Thomas brought the sexual TNT via a shot of her in a white bra. She's not changing, she's stripping down for some lucky criminal in the middle of an interrogation with Julie Stewart staring from the other side of a two way mirror. Is that legal? We confess those jugs had us making a mess! We'll gladly make the case Cold Squad was better than Cold Case. Why? There was always a hot bod in Cold Squad!