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Bikini Model Academy

Bikini Model Academy (2015)

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Be smoking hot, put on a two piece bathing suit and get your picture taken. We don't think there's much to being a bikini model, but must be misinformed thanks to the existence of the straight to video comedy Bikini Model Academy (2015). T.J. (Benjamin Stone) and Benji (Phillip Andre Botello) are two Cali based best buds who both just got dumped by their girlfriends. After drifting aimlessly for a while, they decide to launch an academy for bikini models, which ends up becoming a huge success. They're making money, meeting the hottest women around, and everything's going great. But like Coke was killing it before Pepsi and Mickey D's was dominant before Burger King, soon enough some of their old classmates, including their arch enemy Grub Snout (Edward Coupland) have set up a rival bikini babe school. Suddenly, our dopes surrounded by dimepieces have to improve their business skills to stay as the Harvard of giving surfer dudes hard ons. This is a skintastic flick that features plenty of hotties including Tara Rice, Laila Odon, Meg Barrick, Emily Bedford, Sasha Olson and Jayda Berkman, whoall show their hot bodies off in bikinis. During the opening credits Mindy Robinson takes off her top and flashes her heavenly knockers as a stripper performing for the camera. A little later we get another look at Mindy’s mams when she stands in front of them naked, wearing only pot leaf pasties covering her nipples and naughty zone. During a swimming scene Tara Rice strips off her bikini top and shows some cans as she gets in the water. Olivia Alexander shows her mams when she's caught having sex with a dude in the woods, while Emily Bedford's bikini pops off while she's hitting the pool.  With some nice T&A and bikinis as far as the eye can see, this flick is a skinfeast for the eyes. No piece of clothing has ever captivated a weenie like the bikini! From the worst student to the Valedictorian, your dick will be roarin for the students of Bikini Model Academy