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Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2015)

Great Nudity!

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Spike Lee is back again with his Kickstarter-funded romantic thriller remake Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014). Stephen Tyrone stars as Dr. Hess Green, a noted anthropologist whose scholarly work brings him into contact with a cursed dagger that forever alters his life, especially when his suicidal research assistant Dr. Hightower (Elvis Nolasco) plunges the artifact-turned murder weapon into his chest multiple times. With guilt weighing heavily on Dr. Hightower, he kills himself and somehow his death revives Dr. Green, ultimately transforming him to a unkillable, bloodthirsty being that is anything but a vampire. While the good doc has a taste for blood, Lee knows that we have a taste for nudity and he gives us scenes of full frontal fun from Naté Bova, T&A from Zaraah Abrahams, and suck sacks from Felicia Pearson. While the movie is covered in blood, you’ll be covered in something else...