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Big Bad Mama

Big Bad Mama (1974)

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Angie Dickinson takes over her dead hubby's Depression-era bootlegging business, keeping it in the family by working with her delicious daughters in Big Bad Mama (1974). Angie's new man convinces her there's more money in banks, and the family that steals together ends up getting naked—a lot—together. In fact, everyone gets nude in this exploitation classic. Besides Angie's big bad boobies, Shannon Christie, Sally Kirkland, Robbie Lee, Joan Prather, and Susan Sennett all show off their young, svelte bodies—most, sadly, would never expose as much skin on film again, so bang 'em while you got 'em! Angie Dickinson takes this advice to heart when at the 48-minute mark she shows some very brief full-frontal nudity superimposed over a slam-bang car chase. Angie's muff and automotive shop is a good name! Five minutes later, you'll see a body double of Ang in a scene in bed with Robert Culp. Sally's chest sacks and booty can be gawked at a mere 13 minutes in during a nice shot of her changing while another woman walks in on her. Robbie Lee lets us get a good look at her three Bs too while in bed with Tom Skerritt. That dude is just too suave! Joan Prather will leave you praying for more of her delicious meat after she briefly bares her boobs and offers up a decent shot of her ass shortly before planting a knee in Skerritt's wedding tackle. Big Bad Mama has enough nudity to pop a tent in any man's pants!