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Hair tussled high above expansive, expressive eyes, luscious bee-stung lips, boobage bubbling over the confines of a bra, balanced by a shapely seat and wide-swinging hips, everything about Beatrice Dalle is BIG, BIG, BIG! Her grandiose gorgeousity makes her a huge star in her native France and a skinematic marvel. This top-heavy, hazel-eyed harlot (appropriately born in Brest, France) is breast known as the slightly psychotic, largely naked Betty Blue (1986). In between throwing furniture and fits, Dalle divvies out detailed looks at her fine flesh. In one hair-raising scene, Beatrice flashes her thickly patched French furburger to a pesky next-door neighbor. (Who wouldn't want to come over for a big cup of Beatrice's sugar?) This man-eater best used her big mouth as the carnal cannibal in Trouble Every Day (2001). After having mouth-watering, manic sex with four men, she slays and devours each one whole. Deadly yet delicious! Showing le maximum boobage, bush, and buns in almost every endeavor, this Queen Bea is guaranteed to give you a buzz.

Trouble Every Day (2001) Nude, breasts 00:33:00 Beatrice's boobs are seen when she receives a sponge bath. (1 min 21 secs)
Trouble Every Day (2001) Nude, bush 00:57:00 Beatrice slowly lifts her dress to briefly show her muff-garden. (15 secs)
The Blackout (1997) Nude, breasts 00:17:00 Flashes of smokin' hot Bea's left aerola as Mathew Modine rubs her pumped-up cleavage in the back of a limo. (20 secs)
The Blackout (1997) Nude, breasts 01:10:00 Crazy-edited sex scene with Matt Modine in bed. Blurry views of Bea's boobage in shaky-cam, with a couple of clear shots worth checking out. (37 secs)
À la folie (1994) Nude, breasts 01:07:00 Bubbly booblies as she steps out of the shower. Why do we feel so dirty when she's so clean? (16 secs)
À la folie (1994) Nude, breasts, bush 00:40:00 Beatrice relaxes in the tub, then gets out. Nice breastage, quick bush, all hot! (1 min 18 secs)
Les bois noirs (1989) Nude, breasts 00:15:00 Look into the reflection of the mirror & watch Beatrice remove her shirt, then her bra. What mouth-watering little Dalles! (40 secs)
La visione del sabba (1988) Nude, breasts, bush 00:03:00 Big Mouth Bea lies her fluffy frontal figure down on a table, so a bunch of "stiffs" can examine her. (58 secs)
La visione del sabba (1988) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:52:00 Some baddies throw a totally nekkid Beatrice into the water with her feet tied. Showing us the works, she's rescued and gets out, only to have them do it again! (2 mins 9 secs)
La visione del sabba (1988) Nude, breasts 01:10:00 Fully recovered from her ocean ordeal, Dalle dallies with a lucky guy outdoors, showing her boobtiful left breast. (19 secs)
La visione del sabba (1988) Nude, breasts, bush 01:18:00 She and loverboy hit the woods for more nature-humping and we get to see her right tit and a nice flash of boosh. (1 min 8 secs)
Betty Blue (1986) Nude, breasts, bush, butt 00:01:26 No dilly-Dalle-ing--Beatrice bangs with gusto. You can see are boobers and a hint of her beavertrice. (2 mins 2 secs)
Betty Blue (1986) Nude, breasts, bush 00:52:01 They're groping madly, then Beatrice gets stripped to a nice full frontal when she lies on the bed and her guy takes a trip to Sea World. (44 secs)
Betty Blue (1986) Nude, breasts, bush, butt 01:27:09 Full-frontal fun from Bea, plus special bonus bunnage as she gets out of bed and struggles to pull out the couch. However, please be warned and avert your eyes from the full-frontal Frenchman! (1 min 57 secs)
Betty Blue (1986) Nude, breasts 01:55:01 Dalle plus dude have a post-coital cuddle, and it's beautiful boobs galore. Spectacular. (1 min 2 secs)
Betty Blue (1986) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:56:01 Short but oh-so-sweet--Dalle's bubbles, bath cushion, and scrub brush are visible in the shower. (52 secs)
Betty Blue (1986) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 02:01:10 Bea and her beau bang in front of the fireplace. Which is hotter--the fire or Beatrice? With T&A like that, it's no contest. (1 min 45 secs)
Betty Blue (1986) Nude, breasts 02:06:14 Wearing nothing but a pair of granny panties, our fearless heroine shows off those fabulous flapjacks some more. (1 min 25 secs)
Betty Blue (1986) Nude, breasts, bush 02:24:04 Betty Blue is truly blue, in many ways. Sitting on the edge of the tub weeping, Bea bares boobs and a bitty bit o' bush backlit by a blue light. (58 secs)
Betty Blue (1986) Nude, breasts, bush 00:12:10 A creepy weirdo walks in on Bea snoozing with her dude. Plenty of big French bush and boobs, but beware: sausage alert. (29 secs)
Betty Blue (1986) Nude, breasts 00:41:58 Béatrice Dalle sleeps topless next to a lucky dude! (17 secs)

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