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Trouble Every Day

Trouble Every Day (2001)

Great Nudity!

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Here, at Skin Central, we could watch Trouble Every Day (2001) every day. That’s because when the French try their hand at horror flicks the results can be less bone chilling and more boner inducing. Indeed, the artsy pic equates sex with cannibalism and consumerism via the country’s trademark eroticism. Thanks to the screenplay and direction by Claire Denis, the dark thriller follows Dr. Shane Brown (Vincent Gallo) on his honeymoon to Paris. There’s just one problem: he’s a vampire! Obviously, this makes him look hungrily at the pink meat on his new wife June (Tricia Vessey). That same muff lust is shared by us! Who can get enough of Tricia’s bush and rosy nips? Not to be outdone, neuroscientist Dr. Léo Sémeneau (Alex Descas) has a sexy spouse too. As his better half Coré, Béatrice Dalle shows off her bare back and breasts during a bloody sponge bath. Later, the dark-haired hottie lifts up her skirt to reveal her European beaver beneath. Even though this chiller diller was a critical and box office bomb, it did great with spank banks on both sides of the pond! The movie also includes skinternational actress Aurore Clément and the fine flesh on Florence Loiret Caille. Per her portrayal of Christelle, we get to peek at her peaks and panties when she disrobes to wash up. Later, the sexy brunette serves up her croquembouche! While the vampire in this film could get a stake through his heart, the vamps cast will make your stake hard!