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Keywords: No Nudity, White, Brunette Hair, Xlarge Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Date of Birth: 06/13/86

AKA: Katherine V. Litwack

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Without a Trace (2002-2008) Sexy, underwear Ep. 02x06 Tons of canyon-like Kat kleavage when she lounges with her beau in the woods, then makes out with a group of horny dudes at a party. (32 secs)
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Kat Dennings Nude | When Will We See It Happen?

Kat Dennings is an A+ hottie and nearly everyone in and out of Hollywood could agree on that. She is a short and sexy babe with HUGE boobs and a perfectly hourglass figure. With her dark hair and eyes and her curvaceous figure, she has people wondering about her ethnicity all of the time. Well, Kat is a Jewish American woman and that's it. She is simply blessed with a beautiful body!

She is also blessed with an amazing sense of humor and a sarcastic way of saying things. Isn't she seductive? She is sassy, sexy, and not here for any BS. We just love her!

Early Career of Kat Dennings

Purrrty Philadelphia native Kat Dennings was homeschooled as a kid before heading to LA to try and make it as an actress. Things worked out pretty quickly for the pretty lady, as at just fourteen years old she was cast in an episode of Sex and the City.

Soon after, she landed her first starring role as Bob Saget's daughter in Raising Dad, and joined The Scream Team (2002), a Disney Channel Halloween flick about two kids that meet a bunch of ghosts in a mysterious town they've just moved to. Just one year later, we were screaming when Kat showed her milky mams in a black bra, as partygoers drink tequila off her busty body on Without a Trace.

Kat was much more reserved in the Steve Carell blockbuster The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), playing a teen virgin who wants to buy birth control (imagine if the hormones made her bombs even bigger). After that huge comedy, the vegan vixen's career really took off.

Speaking of "took off", her clothes have not actually come off yet. People are wondering: where can I find pictures of Kat Dennings' nude? Where can I see a video of Kat Dennings naked? Unfortunately, those things do not yet exist. Kat Dennings has not gotten naked or done porn, but this babe has us dying to see her tits through her clothes.

We don't have naked pics of Kat yet, but Kat's sexy cleavage has been shown off plenty. She showed up in Big Momma's House 2 (2006) and Charlie Bartlett (2007), played the absurdly unrealistic, struggling to find a boyfriend sorority girl Mona in The House Bunny (2008) and made sexy time with Michael Cera in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008).

Kat Dennings Making The A-List

But 2011 was the year Kat really clawed her way up to true A-list stardom, joining the MCU as the wise-cracking Darcy Lewis in Thor (2011), and landing the role she's best known for, Max Black on 2 Broke Girls. CBS' audience was introduced to Kat's two big girls, as she jiggled her juicy jugs and perky nipples in almost every episode.

Whether in her standard diner waitress outfit, a low-cut black shirt or even a French maid's uniform that really showcases her huge hooters via decolletage, Max was constantly showing the maximum amount of cleavage network television would allow. She even dated crooner Josh Groban for a while. You raise us up, staring at your mountains! She still did not go topless and Kat Dennings nude pics haven't surfaced yet, but we are still praying for a nip slip from Kat.

Kat Dennings Recent Film Work

Her sexy streak is far from over! This big-titted babe is very busy (and not just as Andrew W.K.'s wife where she probably parties all the time). Kat was a broke girl for six seasons, but when the show was cancelled she went on to voice a character in the animated Netflix series Big Mouth, won the starring role of a daydreamer named Jules Wiley in Hulu's Dollface, and reprised her Thor role in Disney+'s critically acclaimed series Wanda/Vision.

She played Death in the 2020 podcast series of The Sandman, lending her voice to that meaty role. She has played Abby in the 2020 film Friendsgiving, Dallas Moonshiner in the animated 2018 series Dallas & Robo, and she has appeared in multiple funny episodes of Drunk History as different hilarious and hot figures in history.

Kat does it all: voice-acting, real acting, looking hot, being hilarious and snarky. Damn, what can't she do? Well, there is one thing. The only thing that she has not done yet is go nude. When will a Kat Dennings nude appearance happen?!

Final Thoughts

Kat had topless photos leaked by benevolent hackers in 2010, but she never appeared nude in a movie or TV role. She had a great sense of humor about her leaked nudes, too. She knows that she is hot and she knows that we want to see just how hot she is without her clothes on (she looks sexy with clothes on, but you know that nothing is as good as the actually nude thing).

While she did not love the surprise invasion of privacy, she made a couple of jokes about people finally getting to see how drop-dead gorgeous she really is. How lucky of those hackers! If you really want to get a hole of Kat's leaked photos, you might be able to find them somewhere on the internet. Bless the Apple iCloud for that very reason, but we deal with movie and TV nudity here.

As a result, we still don't have hot photos of Kat Dennings nude. Hopefully she does go nude on film soon, because as much as we love seeing her dairy dingers dangling in our face in bras and low cut shirts, we're sick of her playing Kat and mouse.