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BAB (2020)

No Nudity

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It's almost always a promising sign when a film's poster features an actress in her undergarments, which gave us great hope for the film BAB (2020) as the film's theatrical one sheet features leading lady Sarah Dumont in a period appropriate bra! We're getting ahead of ourselves, though. The film is set in a dying town in the Southeastern United States in the 1950s where Donnie (Nick Heyman) works as a farmhand and takes care of his younger sister Bab (Dumont). Nearly two decades ago, their mother pulled their car up in front of an asylum and told Donnie to watch his sister while their mother had some procedures done, but their mother never came out of the asylum. The pair were eventually found by Bascum (Robert Miano) a wealthy man whose worth is only matched by his ruthlessness and his iron grip on the small town had finally closed around these two orphans. Donnie is convinced that their mother is still alive and being held inside the asylum and when he meets a mysterious drifter named Milt (Sterling Macer Jr), Donnie becomes convinced that they can not only rescue their mother but also put an end to Bascum's reign of terror over this town. Now, back to that scene from the poster! We hoped against hope that Sarah Dumont would go the extra mile and ditch that bra as well, but it turns out that she keeps her bra on and, basically, that the poster gives away the entirety of the film's sexy content! Probably best to skip the full feature and just fast forward to the good part here at Mr. Skin!