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Assholes (2017)

Great Nudity!

Assholes (2017) is a crazy movie that follows Adah (Betsey Brown) and Aaron (Jack Dunphy) who are total assholes and recovering drug addicts. They meet each other while in recovery and end up relapsing together, falling in love and falling into a depraved world of sex and drugs. The characters are assholes, but they are all amazing. The beautiful Betsey Brown in a shirt doing twirls in her bedroom and it spins up showing her panties. We get to see a brief bit of her left rump as she moves her robe on the toilet. She later gets completely naked to let us ogle her honkers from the side as she eats out a guy's ass. We love this dirty girl! It ends with a shot of her lying next to him with her breasts visible and her crotch just barely covered by her thigh. She isn't the only one eating ass. A shit-covered Eileen Dietz comes out with crap all over her beautiful breasts as she emerges from the elevated buns of Betsey Brown. Hey, we told you this movie gets gross! The sexiness isn't for the faint of heart. 


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