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Assassin X

Assassin X (2016)

Brief Nudity


(0:38) Nina Bergman gets out of bed in tiny panties. Pretty long scene as she has a conversation with a guy.(0:45) DANCERS at a club in their bikinis.(0:52) Nina Bergman begins making out with a guy. She is stripped to her bra and thrown on the bed. It becomes slow motion from here as the bra comes off revealing her breasts.(0:57) Stephanie Gerard strips to her bra. It comes off from behind. Then we see her buns as she gets into the shower. (Don't see her face though.)(0:58) Nina Bergman sits in a chair in her panties.(0:59) Great close-up of Nina Bergman's legs in a Graduate-style pose. Then she walks over to a guy in her panties.(1:10) Stephanie Gerard is in bed in her bra.(1:23) Girlfight between Stephanie Gerard and Nina Bergman in leather pants and a sexy bra-like top.