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All About Anna

All About Anna (2005)

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When it comes to All About Anna (2005), director Jessica Nilsson and screenwriters Anya Aims and Loretta Fabiana prove there’s nothing like a Dane! This erotic flick from Denmark is likely to spark your interest (as well as another part of the anatomy). In other words, once Yanks in the States see the movie, they’ll be in a state of yanking! Alternatively titled When Johan Came Knocking, the adult pic features the fine flesh on Gry Bay. As the titular heroine, the Scandinavian stunner is open-minded and open-legged as she hops from one bed to another — usually with a different lover. As such, we’re treated to views of her nude boobs and pubes! If that’s not arousing enough, Ms. Bay also bares her bouncy butt while striking several tantric poses as she gets hosed in the kitchen and the bedroom. Even Anna’s roommate Camilla (Eileen Daly) isn’t shy about strutting her stuff in the buff. In fact, she disrobes to delight us with the sight of her full frontal nudity and booty. Once you see her waxed vag, you may begin whacking yourself! Both Bay and Daly are appealing and convincing as sexy singles happy to entertain a rotating cast of eager suitors. Perhaps that’s why the movie was nominated for two EroticLine Awards. Did we mention it’s also the first Danish porn film to be released with subtitles for the hearing-impaired? Yet we’re guessing deaf fans weren’t signing while watching since they were probably using their hands for other things!