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A Breed Apart

A Breed Apart (1984)

Great Nudity!

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If you love watching birds (of the feathered or the female type), then A Breed Apart (1984) is a movie for you. The R-rated film about endangered species begins when egg hunter J.P. Whittier (Donald Pleasence) discovers a rare kind of bald eagle nesting on the private island of Vietnam vet Jim Malden (Rutger Hauer). Once Whittier hatches an illegal scheme to snatch the bird’s eggs, subplots and action ensue. Never mind the ins and outs of the complex plot, you’ll enjoy the movie more if you just focus on the ins and outs of Stella Clayton (Kathleen Turner) and Malden in bed. As the naked lovers roll around the sheets, we get to see Ms. Turner’s chest exposed while Mr. Hauer sucks on her toes. Now that’s what we call putting a foot in your mouth! Not to be upstaged the alluring Amy Rollings (Jayne Bentzen) reveals her bush and breasts when getting dressed after having sex with mountaineer Mike Walker (Powers Boothe). Considering how shapely she is, it’s no surprise Mike only has eyes — and another part of his anatomy — for Amy. The movie also includes a musical score by Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees. Perhaps that’s why Mr. Skin was humming “More Than a Woman” after seeing Ms. Bentzen’s Bs. After its release, a review in Variety reported that the movie “lacks reason, dramatic tension or emotional involvement.” Sure, but who cares about those things when you are treated to views of the actresses’ nude boobs?