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Zur Hölle mit den anderen

Zur Hölle mit den anderen (2018)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Zur Holle mit den anderen (2018) is a German TV movie about two estranged friends who come back together and try to deal with how different each of them is now. They are both partnered up and having children, so their practical attitudes on family life, children, jobs, and so much more all clash. Things do not go that well as one couple visits the next and keeps getting offended to the point of leaving, but they don't. They stick around, attempting to smooth things over, but their problems only escalate again as they all continue to fight in this dark comedy that shows us just how much old friends can change when they live lives without each other - for better and for worse. Mira Bartuschek plays one of the friends. Her character is named Sandra and she is a sexy blonde bombshell that has more of a quirky, hippie persona now. She unbuttons her top and pulls down her breastfeeding bra to breastfeed her toddler. The kid walks right up to her nipple and gives it a suck! Can you imagine? What a privilege! She keeps her breasts out to pump milk into her breast pump as she continues to chat with her old pal. Her breasts remain out during these two scenes. Mira is very casual about keeping her cans out because they serve a very useful function. Her milk jugs feed people. We are wondering if we could get a taste of one of those milk-making mams.