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White Girl (2016)

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White Girl (2016) isn't just the title of a film, it's a way of life. No, just kidding, it's just the title of this film about Leah, played by Morgan Saylor of Homeland fame, and the downward spiral she ends up on after falling for a bad boy. Based on the real life adolescence of writer and director Elizabeth Wood, Morgan plays Leah plays the titular honky hottie, who meets and falls in love with a drug dealer named Blue (Brian Marc). Mr. Marc runs into a narc, so she takes his supply and decides to sell it to the rich crowd, starting with her bang buddy boss Kelly, who is unfortunately not a woman but Justin Bartha, best known as Doug, the guy they're looking for in The Hangover (2009) and Nicolas Cage's lovable loser sidekick Riley in National Treasure (2004). Looking to raise enough money to cover Blue's legal fees, she falls headfirst into the drug life, and even ends up getting taken advantage of by a lawyer looking to let her pay with gash not cash. If you like your women like you like your milk, we get some absolutely sensational skin from Morgan Saylor as she takes her first headlong plunge into nude territory! Eight minutes in Morgan bares buns while getting busy with Bartha, ending up on her knees and giving him a barely simulated beej! Aye-Aye, I want to have sex with that Saylor! Explore her three B's on the high seas, who knows? Eight minutes after that, she bares both of her breasts while banging a guy on a roof, and only shows more skin from there throughout the film as she has sex with all sorts of fellas! This white girl's not gonna be a tight girl for very long. Let's also not neglect the strong supporting work from India Menuez, who briefly bares her boobs while riding a guy. Annabelle Dexter-Jones adds ample support as well with a tits out tease! Add to that Bobbi Salvor Menuez flashing ass and you'll understand why, for all this Skin, White Girl took home the Anatomy Award for Breast Picture in 2017. You'll wish you could give these White Girl(s) a white pearl necklace!