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White Fire

White Fire (1984)

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What does the skinternational thriller White Fire (1984) have in common with the horror movie The Jar (1984) and the sci-fi video Future War (1997)? Well, three titles were featured on Red Letter Media’s Best of the Worst episode in 2015. Not to be confused with the British crime flick White Fire (1953), this production from France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom is also known as Le Diamant and Vivre Pour Survivre. White Fire’s plot kicks off when a brother, Boris “Bo’" Donnelly (Robert Ginty), and his sister Ingrid (Belinda Mayne) discover an iconic white gemstone while working at a diamond mineshaft company. As a result, jewel thieves are after them. Snuggled in the boilerplate story of the heist of the “White Fire” diamond — so named because it burns anyone who greedily tries to steal it — is the taboo tale of sexy siblings. Bo casually talks to Ingrid, who is wearing her birthday suit. As all can see by her brunette muff, the rug doesn’t match her bottled-blonde hairdo. Yet what does that matter when the Perfect 10 struts her stuff in the buff? “It’s a pity you’re my sister,” he moans. Within minutes, Ingrid is murdered and grieving bro Bo hires Olga (Diana Goodman) to impersonate her so he can finally consummate their forbidden relationship. Suffice it to say, this gem of a movie will make viewers rock hard. This is especially the case when Ms. Mayne exposes her priceless peaks. In other words, White Fire is smoking hot!