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Viktoria (2014)

Great Nudity!


(0:06) Breasts on Irmena Chichikova sitting on the edge of the tub. Then she will be seen in her panties as well.(0:09) Buns on Irmena Chichikova as she jumps up and down.(0:18) Aerial shot of Irmena Chichikova in the tub as it fills up with blood. We see her buns and some partial left boob which is covered by her arms.(0:38) Irmena Chichikova takes down her gown to display her left breast in close-up. Then she is handed the baby to feed it.(0:42) Irmena Chichikova is pumping her breast for milk. Then we see both breasts as she stands in the shower. Then herleft breast in front of the baby. Then a close-up of a breast with a spray ofmilk coming out. Then both breasts again as she cries holding the baby.(1:32) Breasts on Irmena Chichikova as she goes into the bathroom, takes her shirt off and walks out. Then she walks back in and strips to her panties. Another quick flash of breasts after she is smacked and walks back out.(1:49) Kalina Vitkova sits up in bed in her panties.(2:19) Mariana Krumova has her clothes cut off her after she dies. We see her breasts and panties. Then a long view of her breasts as she is washed down.(2:23) Fullfrontal view of Mariana Krumova lying dead on the bed. We see breasts and bush.