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Videodrome (1983)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


It’s hard to believe that at one time a title like Videodrome (1983) would imply a tech-heavy mystery, yet David Cronenberg’s sci-fi flick is just that. The cult classic showcases the acting chops and built bod on ’80s icon  Debbie Harry. Thanks to a little black lace brassiere, the “Heart of Glass” singer reveals her cleavage. If that’s not titillating enough, the Blondie babe later flashes one of her “Rapture”-ous breasts in bed. Needless to say, more than The Tide will be high when you get a gander at that! The plot follows a cable TV tyrant named Max (James Woods). Ever on the lookout for cheap new material, he comes across an ultra-violent channel. This graphic, gore-erotic station depicts brutal acts and murder of women in villainous, vivid detail. Turned on by the torture, Max wants to maximize his own ratings by hooking up with the horrific programming as an affiliate. When he tracks the show’s blood-red roots to Pittsburgh, he figures out that this is the work of Brian O’Blivion (Jack Creley), a messed-up Messiah wannabe. Spreading his twisted teachings from beyond the grave (thanks to the magic of video tape and his devilish daughter), all who view O’Blivion’s warped TV world will eventually emulate and embrace it as reality. Talk about a buzz kill. Now that he’s turned off will Max be able to tune out the carnage before it makes him mad? Anyone who’s ever flipped past Who Wants to Marry My Dad knows the answer to that!