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The Night Watchman (2016)

Brief Nudity

(0:11) Kimberley Tell sits up in the bathtub as a guy tries to get in. We only see her bare back and then a bit of her thighs in a close-up as she looks at a necklace under the water.(0:21) In backseat of car BRUNETTE is in her bra and BLONDE appears to not be wearing any top but we only see some top cleavage.(0:22) WOMAN in the front seat unzips her top to show her bra as the driver grabs her right breast over it and bops it.(0:28) Kimberley Tell in her bra then strips to her panties in a nice close-up. The bra comes off from behind but we don’t see anything.(0:48) BARTENDER in little booty jean shorts shaking her butt to the camera. A number of other women in states of undress at the outdoor party.(0:5) Through a peephole we see a pair of women involved in a threesome. We see breasts on both of them while a guy masturbates outside.(1:01 Kimberley Tell strips out of her dress giving us a great close-up of her panties. We see some brief left breast from the side. Then we move away and see breasts from afar in shadow as she begins to have sex with a guy.(1;18) Kimberley Tell is chained upon the floor in her panties.(1:20) Kimberley Tell struggles with guy as he drags her across the floor and then rips her bra and panties off in her arms. We see some brief breasts.(1:21) Breasts again on Kimberley Tell as a giant fat man goes down on her against her will. There may be a quick flash of bush as she jumps on his back to strangle him. We see some quick buns too.(1:22) It is a bit shadowed but we see Kimberley Tell showing breasts, buns and possibly some bush as she stands up and tries to free herself.(1:23) Now we get a better full frontal look at Kimberley Tell showing breasts and bush (which is a little dirty and bloody) as she goes to free other people. We see her buns too as she hugs a guy.


Kimberley Tell

Nude - as AlmaSexy, breasts, bush, butt, underwear

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