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The Neighbor

The Neighbor (2019-2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Neighbor (2019) is a hilarious Spanish series about a young man named Javier who is going through a hard time. He barely has enough money to pay his rent and bills by the end of the month, his T-shirt business really is not going well, and his relationship with his girlfriend Lola is going pretty downhill. So he obviously needs something to shake it all up. He wasn't expecting an alien to be the answer to that quandary, but that's what Javier gets. In fact, the alien comes to Earth and transfers all of his intergalactic powers to Javier before he dies. Now Javier has alien powers and has to still make it through his ordinary Earth life with alien powers. That's the show! So while he is dealing with aliens, we get to check out Paula Malia who plays Alicia. Paula is trying to discreetly change behind a towel after a shower. Check out her dark gray panties and bra that match. She's not the only one who undresses in this series! Clara Lago plays the girlfriend named Lola who is lovely when she also shows her dark gray panties as she hangs out in bed. In another hot scene, she takes off her underwear when she is in bed and making love with her bae. She is on her back with her high hooters out as they stumble around in bed together. Those round breasts are giving us some seriously horny feelings. Hey, Clara's cans, will you be our Neighbor?